About Albanos Design

Albano’s Design emergent brand that arises from the desire to renew, change, we are a small family that we had to reinvent ourselves, eager to continue working and keep producing, for themes of children I have to stay at home and look for manual works to follow contributing without knowing absolutely anything, we had to start from scratch, with many fears, giving me cheers and others told me that I would not like what I do, my great support is my husband and my children, they always encourage me, they are always there to give me your best advice, but still I did not feel safe, in this beautiful way that still has a lot to go and continue learning I have met wonderful people who have touched my heart and made me see that my work is beautiful.

Thank you very much to all that they have contributed and continue to add, every day I am learning, that is what life is all about, the only thing I can say thanks to each and every one of those who have supported us, and what has not, also thanks .

The pieces that I show the great majority are handmade by me Gabriela Martínez de Albano, I have a star designer, my daughter Camila, and my beautiful husband and my youngest son who are there to help and give me a hand Lester Albano.

Gabriela Martinez de Albano

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